Monday, September 11, 2017

Amanuensis Monday: Bond: J. L. Keys and B. W. Storke

Prince William County
Deed Book 52, page 206
7 December 1903

Know all men by these presents that we J.L. Keys and B.W. Storke are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the just and full sum of five hundred dollars to the payment whereof well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these presents and as to this bond we hereby severally waive our homestead exemptions as to any right, claim or privilege to discharge any liability arising thereunder to the Commonwealth, or by virtue of the office or trust which said bond is given with coupons detached from bonds of this state. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound J.L. Keys was on the third day of November 1903, by the duly qualified voters of Prince William county, elected Supervisor of Prince William County for the term commencing on the first day of January 1904. Now if the said J.L. Keys shall faithfully discharge the duties of his said office or trust then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and effect.

J. L. Keys {seal}
B. W. Storke {seal}

In Prince William County Court, Dec. 7, 1903.

This bond from Keys to the Com. of Va. was presented to the court acknowledged by the obligors and ordered to be recorded.

Teste; E Wilson Clk

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