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Sunday's Obituary Anna Ward (1852)

Alexandria Gazette
11 February 1852

OBITUARY - Died, on the morning of the 6th instant, in the village of Occoquan, at the house of Dr. A. H. Saunders, Mrs. ANNA WARD, relict of Z. Ward, esq., at the advanced age of nearly 87 years. Thus has terminated a very long and well-spent, and most exemplary life. Rare, indeed, are such examples set, as the life of the deceases has exhibited. None remain who knew her but to praise her, and revere her memory. Few have lived who so endearingly impressed their character upon the community around them. Her life was a daily and shining example of the affectionate mother, and exemplary and kind mistress, and useful, humane, and benevolent neighbor. It may be truly said of her that her whole life was one of duty and of usefulness in her day and generation. She was a professor of religion, a member of the Baptist Church, and died firmly relying on Jesus Christ as the Saviour of sinners, as the only name under Heaven whereby sinners can be saved.

Prince William, February 9, 1852
[Warrenton Flag, please copy]

[Anna/Anne Ward's Last Will and Testament can be found HERE. - cgl]

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