Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday's Faces from the Past: Genevieve and Alyce Keys Chapin

This family photo is a lost heirloom discovered by a good Samaritan in an antique store in Ashland, Oregon that found its way "home" to my cousin Gentsia.  Dated 1901, it shows Alyce Keys Chapin with her daughter, Genevieve.

Alyce was the daughter of Henry Armistead and Sarah Frances (Lynn) Keys of Prince William County.  She married Paul Chapin, son of Gurden and Julia Paul Chapin, on 7 October 1896 in Washington, DC.

(Thank you, Gentsia, for sharing!)

Genevieve and Alyce Keys Chapin, circa 1901
(used by permission of  Gentsia Zimmerman)

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