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Newspaper Tidbit: PWCo Items - September 1, 1873

Alexandria Gazette
1 September 1873

Prince William County Items
[From  the Manassas Gazette]

The pic-nic and tournament on Tuesday last at Brentsville was well attended by both ladies and gentlemen.  Fifteen Knights contested for the honors of the day.  L. B. Pattie was the successful Knight and crowned Miss Sallie Lewis, Queen.  Miss Camelia Bean, of Washington, was crowned first maid of honor by J. L. Keys, Miss Lucy M. Lynn second maid, by D. C. Cole and Miss Barbour, of Georgetown, third maid, by J. A. Nicol.  A very beautiful coronation address was delivered by Dr. Barbour, after which The Royal set was danced.  The charge was delivered by J. J. Davies, esq., who did ample justice to his subject.  There was an elegant pavillion for dancing in a fine grove, and near by a refreshment stand, sufficient to supply all present.  About 4 o'clock it commenced to rain, causing a premature ending of the day's proceedings.

We have learned that George Hill, esq., of the District of Columbia has in contemplation the purchase of the property at Buckland, in this county, known as the Buckland Woolen Mills, with a view of turning the same into an extensive establishment for the manufacture of wood paper.  If it be true that such is his intention we congratulate our people on a prospect of so valuable an acquisition to the business of their county, as well as having added to their population a most excellent and sterling gentleman.  We shall be glad to welcome Maj. Hill and his family to our State, and know that every citizen will welcome him also.

On Tuesday last a match game of base ball was played between the Modocs of Manassas, and White Stockings of Occoquan.  At the eighth inning in consequence of the rain, the game was called by the Umpire, at which time the scores stood for the White Stockings 44, and for the Modocs 40.

A circular race track will be laid out and graded near Manassas as soon as the weather will permit, for the purpose of trying the speed of fast horses, and for racing purposes.  It is proposed to have a sweepstakes race soon.

Mr. Allen Howison, in a card, says please discontinue my name as one of the candidates for the Legislature; and respectfully decline; fully appreciating the compliment my friend or friends are disposed to pay me.

The dedication of the M. E. church at this place, which was announced for Thursday, Sept. 4th, has been postponed till Sunday Sept. 14th.

There is to be a mass meeting of the Conservatives of Prince William county, at Brentsville on Monday (court day).

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