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Newspaper Tidbit: PWCo Item: May 15, 1875

Alexandria Gazette
15 May 1875


Geo. W. Abel was seriously injured on Monday last by the falling of a blundering horse. He was on his way from Occoquan, where heh resides, and has been employed as ferryman, and when near Cedar Run bridge the horse he was riding fell, turning a complete summersault, throwing its rider over its head and falling upon him, the pummel of the saddle striking him in the pit of the stomach. The fall so stunned the horse that it laid on Mr. Able until it was pulled off but Mr. A. was up and walking about the next day.

On Thursday of last week as Mr. Joseph B. Reid was driving from Brentsville to Bristoe Station in his buggy, the horse coming in contact with the ox team of Mr. W. A. Ketcham, threw Mr. Reid out of the buggy, who, falling upon his head received very painful injuries. Mr. John H. Butler who was in the buggy with Mr. Reid jumped out as soon as the horse started, and was not hurt.

The attendance at the Circuit Cour was smaller than usual, though quite a large amount of business was done.  ~ Manassas Gazette

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