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Sunday's Obituary: William Henry Tyler

Alexandria Gazette
28 October 1853

At Woodlawn, in the County of Prince William, on Monday, the 24th of October, Lieutenant WILLIAM HENRY TYLER, of the 7th regiment of Infantry, and son of Judge J. W. Tyler. The deceased was a graduate of West Point and entered the army shortly after the commencement of hostilities with Mexico.

From the Rio Grande, under Gen. Taylor, he was ordered to Vera Cruz, and under General Scott, was an active participant in all the stirring scenes of the eventful campaign in the Valley of Mexico, and was brevetted for the distinguished and honorable part he bore in the attack on Contreras. After the fall of the City of Mexico, he had an attack of Typhoid fever, which endangered his life, and laid the foundation of the disease which terminated his mortal career.  The army did not boast a more noble, disinterested, or gallant spirit, or society a more high-minded, warm-hearted member. He died as he had lived, without tear and without reproach.  "Peace to his manes."

(Union and Richmond Enquirer please copy.)

From the "Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army" by Francis B. Heitman:

Tyler, William Henry. V. Va. Cadet M A 1 July 1841 (53); bvt 2 lt 5 inf 1 July 1846; 2 lt 7 inf 16 Feb 1847; 1 lt 24 Aug 1851; bvt 1 lt 20 Aug 1847 for gal and mer con at the battles of Contreras and Hurubusco Mex; died 24 Oct 1853)

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