Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thriller Thursday: Narrow Escape from Death (1912)

Manassas Democrat
December 26, 1912


Two Brothers Badly Hurt

Frightened by an Automobile Their Horses Run Away and Trample Upon the Boys

Paul and Morris Groff narrowly escaped being instantly killed last Saturday while on their way home to Independent Hill.  They were on Center street near Brown & Hoof's mill when they heard an automobile behind them.  B. C. Cornwell seeing that the boys were frightened and that the animals would probably run away slowed up until he got nearly opposite the team when he shut off his engine.

The young men thinking they would be safer on the ground jumped out and ran to the animals' heads.  As the machine stopped they became frightened and began to plunge, knocking the boys down, stepping on one of them and then ran across both.  Morris Groff's leg was broken near the thigh while Paul was scratched about the chest and head, one of the horses stepping on his shoulder and severely  bruising it.

Mr. Cornwell thinking that both boys would be instantly killed turned his head.  After the team had passed over then he realized that they were severely injured.  He started his machine and picking up the boys brought them to Dr. W. F. Merchant's office where their wounds were attended to and later both were removed to their home at Independent Hill.

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