Thursday, July 17, 2014

Those Places Thursday: National Bank of Manassas

The National Bank of Manassas was established in July 1895 and operated from 1896 to 1956.  Henry Fairfax Lynn was the Bank's first president and R. H. Lynn was its vice president.  It was originally located at 9406 Main Street but moved to the corner of Main and Center Streets in 1912.


April 20, 1911 Manassas Democrat

December 22, 1922 Manassas Journal

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When the National Bank of Manassas closed and the building was repurposed, the four front columns and the iron window bars were donated to Woodbine Baptist Church!  The columns now support the church's portico and the iron bars have been reshaped into a trellis for the Woodbine cemetery.

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