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Sunday's Obituary: Alexander L. Dade

The Evening Post (New York, NY)
September 21, 1830

From the Norfolk Beacon, Sept. 17

It is with deep regret we announce the melancholy casualty by which the naval service has suddenly been deprived of a young officer of valuable promise, his associates of a companion high in their esteem, and a widowed mother and sister of one in whom their kindest affections were centered.

Midshipman Alexander L. Dade, attached to the U.S. ship North Carolina, in ordinary at the Navy Yard, Gosport, was accidentally drowned from that ship on Wednesday night last, by stepping from the bow port, as he was supposed upon the gratings in the head, but which unhappily having been removed without his knowledge during the day, he was precipitated into the river, and disappeared before assistance could be rendered.

Mr. Dade was a native of Prince William County, in this state, and a son of the late Judge Dade; he entered the naval service 1st Nov. 1827.

Every effort was made during yesterday, by dragging, firing of cannon, &c. to recover the body, but all exertion proved unsuccessful, until this afternoon, when it was effected, and received every attention from Com. Barron.

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