Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday's Obituary: John Rollins

Manassas Journal
January 21, 1921


Member of Body Guard of Gen. Lee Dies of Old Age at Home Near Wellington

Mr. John Rollins died at his home between Wellington and Gainesville, Wednesday morning, of a complication of disease attendant upon old age, in his eighty-seventh year.

Mr. Rollins was a gallant soldier in the Confederate army, having served in the command of Col. Richardson, in the Headquarters Division, acting as Gen. Lee's body guard, and after the conflict was over, turned his attention to farming in which calling he has been very successful.

The deceased was an honorable upright man and made many friends both in the army and in the Wellington neighborhood in the years that followed the war.

Mr. Rollins is survived by one brother, Mr. James Rollins, of Wellington, three sons, Messrs. Wesley and Frederick, of Prince William, and Mr. Edward Rollins, of Fairfax; and two daughters, Mrs. Lucy Mock, of Fairfax, and Mrs. Alice Botts, who has lived at the home of her father.

The funeral services will be conducted from the home on Saturday.

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