Friday, May 16, 2014

Friend of Friends Friday: Deed of Emancipation: Janney to Carter

The following was transcribed from the the Prince William County Court Archives by Ronald R. Turner:

Prince William County Court September 2nd 1856

            This Deed of Emancipation from Janney to Carter &c. was acknowledged by the said Joseph Janney and ordered to be recorded.
                                                                        Teste.  P. D. Lipscomb, clerk

This deed made by Joseph Janney of Prince William County in the State of Virginia Witnesseth that he doth emancipate and set free Negro woman Rachel Carter and her son Thomas Carter who were conveyed to him the said Janney by bill of sale from Jeremiah D. Woodyard dated the 20th day of May 1835 and that he the said Janney doth emancipate and set free the following named children of the said Rachel born since the said conveyance namely Sarah Carter supposed to be about 18 years old, Mary Carter about seventeen years old, Louisa Carter about fifteen years old, Addison Carter about fourteen years old and Cornelius Carter about ten years old.

Witness the following signature and seal this 1 day of September 1856

                                                Joseph Janney (seal)

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