Friday, January 3, 2014

Friend of Friends Friday: $1000 Reward (Moses, Abram, Littleton, Armstead, Tom, Henry, Betsey)

Alexandria Gazette
August 22, 1856

$1000 REWARD -- Ranaway from the farm of the subscriber, near Dumfries, Prince William County, Va., the following Negroes:  MOSES, ABRAM, LITTLETON, ARMSTEAD, TOM, HENRY, and BETSEY.  The first named on Monday night, the next four on Tuesday night, and the last two some three or four weeks ago.  They are most probably all now together.  Moses was raised in Prince William, is some six feet high, very intelligent, and well acquainted in said county, and has labored in Loudoun and Fairfax -- dresses well.

All are comfortably clad; some having black frock coats, new cotton shirts, and white drilled cotton pantaloons.  Moses is perhaps the oldest, and does not exceed 30 or 32 years of age.  Abram is black and thin, 28 years of age, about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high.  Littleton is likely, very straight, and walks short and quickly, has lost a front tooth.  I think, Armstead is 5 fet 7 inches, stoutly made, stoops in the neck, very down-cast look, and seems uneasy when spoken to, and is the lightest of the party.  Tom is about 5 feet 6 inches, large eyes, and modest expression.  Henry is very likely and muscular; his wife very low.  The last two have been previously described in the Baltimore Sun and the Alexandria Gazette.  All are different shades of black.

The above reward will be paid if taken and secured out of the State, or rateably for such as may be secured, or $700 or rateably if taken and secured in Virginia.

T. B. Robertson

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