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Sunday's Obituary: Reuben Cleary

Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC) - July 15, 1835

Died at the Noviciate, Frederickstown, Maryland, on Sunday, the 5th instant, of inflammation of the brain, Mr. Reuben Cleary of Occoquan, Va. in the 21st year of his age.  Mr. C. graduated last year, at the head of his class in Georgetown College.  He was distinguished throughout  his collegiate career by an unabated devotion to his studies, and an energy that never flagged.  He soon took a high place in his classes, and standing first in all, it was difficult to say in which he most excelled -- languages, mathematics, or the various branches of philosophy.  He was endowed by nature with an intellect of the first order, and a heart that knew no vicious passion.  It may truly be said that he never had an enemy.  Envy itself was disarmed by the gentleness of  his disposition, his generosity, and benevolence.  The writer of this brief and faint tribute to his memory, has known him many years -- has watched with interest the march of his vigorous intellect, and looked with confidence to his future life.  The lamp that shone within consumed the fountain of existence.  He lived beloved, and died lamented, by all who ever knew him.  His afflicted parents, affectionate brothers and sisters, and the Church which he promised to adorn, will long mourn his early death.

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Commercial Advertiser (New York, NY) - July 31, 1834

Georgetown College, D.C. - At the annual commencement of this literary institution held on the 29th inst., the degree of A M. was conferred on the Rev. Francis L. Desaunieres, of Canada, and on Caleb C. Magruder, Esq. of Maryland.  The degree of A.B. was also conferred on Reuben Cleary of Virginia, and on George S. Kennedy, and Duncan A. Kennedy, of New York.

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