Friday, July 26, 2013

Friend of Friends Friday: "Uncle Billy" Peyton

New Castle News (PA) - March 15, 1912

Can Tell in a Clear and Plausible Manner of Ancient Happenings

ATHENS, March 15. -- If uncle Billy Peyton of Decatur township, Washington county, lives until September 2 of this year he will be 120 years old, and he is doubtless one of the oldest men in the world.  His age cannot be questioned, as more than half a century ago he came to Ohio an old man, bearing the records made by his first master, George Creel.  Peyton, a slave, was born in Prince William county, Va., September 2, 1792.  He came to Ohio in 1863, and aged white residents say that he bore evidence of considerable age at that time.  Descendants of his first master now live in Wood County, W. Va., and they confirm Peyton's story in every detail, and exhibit records of the family to prove the same.

Peyton is a negro of more than usual intelligence and industry as is shown by his tending and harvesting his won fine farm.  He remembers and tells in a clear and plausible manner happenings of more than a century ago, incidents of the war of 1812, being talked over in his presence by soldiers and sailors in that strife.

New Castle News (PA) - March 15, 1912

Repository (Caton, OH) - November 9, 1919