Friday, July 19, 2013

Friend of Friends Friday: Ten Dollars Reward

Alexandria Advertiser (Alexandria, VA) - October 27, 1806

TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  On Tuesday morning the 21st Inst. eloped from the plantation of the subscriber, JAMES, a likely young negro fellow; about five feet six or eight inches high; of dark complexion; frowning countenance; and has on his left temple a scar from a burn about the size and shape of a spot in the suit of spades.  He has very little clothing with him but what he has on, which is a dark colored surtout, with some inferior under clothing, much worn.  James was purchased out of Bullet's estate, where he had several connexions, bond and free--  His mother Nelly, a free woman, at Stafford court-house, as ostler; and I am told that in Alexandria he has several free brothers, who occasionally go by water.  It is most likely that if he is not lurking about Mr. Stephen French's, of this county, where he has a wife, he will try to get to Alexandria with his free brothers and pass for a free man too.  I therefore strictly forewarn all persons whatsoever from harboring or taking off said fellow at their peril.  I would particularly thank all constables and patrolers under whose notice this advertisement comes, to be very strict in examining all negroes who are going about without notes or passes from their masters, and whoever will apprehend JAMES & bring him home or secure him in any jail, and forward notice so that I get him again, shall receive, if in the county or neighborhood, 2 dollars, of the above reward if taken in Alexandria, or out of the state.

William Primm

Prince William County
October 27, 1806

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