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Deed: Gray to St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Haymarket)

Gray to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Haymarket)
PWCo Deed Book 52, pg. 451

This deed made this 21 day of April 1904, between Sarah A. Gray and Ellen Gray, of the Town of Haymarket, Va., parties of the first part and C. E. Jordan, T.J. Chew and A.H. Johnson trustees of St. Pauls Episcopal Church at Haymarket, Va., parties of the second part.  Witnesseth:  That for and in consideration of the fact that the Kings Daughters and the Ladies Aid Society, the auxiliaries of the said Church, have supported, for a number of years, and are now supporting the parties of the first part, and in the further consideration of the sum of Five Dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the said Sarah A. Gray and Ellen Gray have granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and convey, with general warranty, unto the said parties of the second part, trustees as aforesaid, all of their title and interest in the following described real estate, to wit:  All of that certain parcel or lot of ground lying and being situate in the Town of Haymarket, Prince William County, Va., and bounded and described as follows, All of that lot upon which a frame house is now standing, which said lot adjoins the lot sold by John Barnett and wife to John Maddux, which said two lots are bounded as follows: Beginning at the corner of Lafette and Franklin streets and running S.W. with Layfette street 250 feet, thence S.E. 175 feet, with William street, thence N.E. 250 feet to Franklin street, thence N.W. 175 feet with Franklin street to the beginning, which said two lots are described in the plan of the said Town as Lots Nos. 107 and 116; and for a more particular description of the said lot reference is made to Deed Book No. 8, page 130, of the land records of said county.  This is the same property upon which the parties of the first part now reside.

Witness the following signatures and seals.

Sarah A. Gray {seal}
Ellen Gray {Seal}

State of Virginia
County of Prince William, to wit:

I , T. E. Garnett, a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid in the State of Virginia do certify that Sarah A. Gray and Ellen Gray, whose names are signed to the writing hereto annexed, bearing date, the 21st day of April 1904, have acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid.

Given under my hand this 22nd day of April 1904

T. E. Garnett J. P. [signed]

 ~ ~ ~ ~

Manassas Democrat – December 16, 1909

Virginia:  In the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court – Court of Prince William County, in vacation, the 15th day of December, 1909.

Bailey Taylor and Eugene Keyser,
C.E. Jordan, T.J. Chew and Geo. G. Tyler, trustees of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, at Haymarket, Virginia, Martha M. Stille and --- Stille, her husband; Emma Cologne and Don Cologne, her husband; Hamilton Clarke and James D. Shirley


Memo:  The general object of the above styled suit is to make sale of a certain lot or parcel of land lying and being situate in the town of Haymarket, Prince William County, Virginia, bounded by Lafayette, Franklin and Williams streets, being a lot 175 x 250 feet, with improvements thereon, and of which the late John R. Shirley died seized and possessed, and belonging to the said Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, at Haymarket, Virginia, Martha M. Stille, Emma Cologne, Hamilton Clark and James D. Shirley, and divide the proceeds thereof amongst the parties entitled thereto.

[The case came to Chancery because there was some question as to who actually owned the above-referenced parcel of land and who had (or didn't have) the right to sell it to the Church.  (LVA Chancery Index No. 1910-035, Original Case No. 46) ~cgl]

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