Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Newspaper Tidbit: Family Feud

The Evening Bulletin (Maysville, Kentucky)
July 15, 1892

FAMILY FEUD.  One Near Washington Terminates In a Murder

Washington, July 15. -- There has been a family feud existing between two families living near Dumfries, in Prince William County, Va., for several years, which culminated in murder last Sunday.  It is said by citizens from that section that it is only the beginning of hostilities.

A woods picnic was held at Raccoon hill, near Dumfries, on Saturday last, attended by several hundred people.  Among the attendants were Joseph W. Jones and Thomas Jefferson Florence.  During a dance Jones purposely stepped upon the toes of Florence.

The latter did not resent the insult, and as a further affront Jones stepped on the foot of the lady Florence was dancing with.  This started a quarrel between the two men, which ended in Florence drawing a revolver and firing on Jones, the ball taking effect in his mouth and passing through his brain, killing him instantly.

Florence was arrested by officers who were present, and who hurried him off to jail to avoid lynching by the Jones faction.  Persons from that part of Prince William county say there is intense excitement and more bloodshed is looked for.

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