Saturday, February 10, 2018

VA Association of Museum Awards Results




THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the Virginia Association of Museum's Ten Endangered Artifacts Conservation Award Project.

As a result of your efforts, the 1902 Poll Books were recognized for their research potential and historical documentation of voter disenfranchisement in the Commonwealth and awarded $2,000 towards the books' paper conservation efforts.

Thank you again! With your support we are able to preserve and interpret Prince William County's amazing history. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Your help is needed to conserve Prince William County History!

In 1902 Virginia passed a new state constitution in its legislature. The primary goal was to limit the African American vote throughout the state. There were numerous ideas as to how to do this without violating Federal Law. As a result, the following requirements were added – voters had to be able to fill out the voter registration form without any assistance, pay the annual poll tax for each of the three years prior, and to pass a quiz from the registrar on the Virginia State Constitution. The representatives did not want to disenfranchise poor whites, and thus also added a clause that any veteran of the US or Confederate military, or their son, was able to waive the above requirements and vote. As result of these news requirements, more than 88,000 individuals were disenfranchised.

This year, we submitted our 1902 Brentsville Colored and White Poll Books to the Virginia Association of Museums Top 10 Most Endangered Artifacts list, in an effort to bring awareness to these unique and important objects. We were selected as part of the Top 10, and beginning January 15 there will be public voting for awards of up to $5,000 in funds for the conservation of these books.

Voting lasts from January 15 - 24 at:

You can vote daily from each individual computer. There is no restriction on where the computer is, or who you are – each vote counts!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wedding Wednesday: McDonald/Kettle

The Sun (Baltimore, MD)
18 December 1903


[Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun]

Leesburg, Va., Dec. 17 - Miss Elizabeth Kettle, daughter of James Kettle, was married to John McDonald, formerly of Prince William county, at Evergreen Mills yesterday. Rev. S. G. Ferguson, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, officiating.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday's Obituary: Lovell Marders

Alexandria Gazette
22 November 1869

DEATH OF A BAPTIST PREACHER -- The Rev. Lovell Marders, a well-known preacher belonging to the Baptist church, died at his home in Prince William county on the night of Monday last.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Military Monday: Men Receive Discharges

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
1 January 1946

14 Virginia County Men Receive Discharges

Manassas, Va., Jan. 1 -- Among Prince William County servicemen who have received their discharges recently are:

William H. Crummett, Nokesville, Army
James L. Gregory, Manassas, Army
Lewis J. Carper, Manassas, Army
Walter F. Davis, Woodbridge, Army
Cleveland H. Flory, Nokesville, Army
James L. Mayhugh, Bristow, Army
Robert L. Leith, Manassas, Army
Francis C. Wilson, Haymarket, Army
Vittorio Feriazzo, Triangle, Marines
James A. Douglas, Thoroughfare, Navy
James B. Muddiman, Manassas, Army
Maurice Posey, Manassas, Army
Howard C. Payne, Manassas, Army
Chester F. Smith, Dumfries, Marines
Howard E. Tribby, Manassas, Marines

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday's Obituary: Lucinda Thomas

Manassas Journal
7 February 1935

Lucinda Thomas, an aged and highly respected colored woman, died suddenly Saturday evening, Feb. 2, at her home near Waterfall.

Aunt Sindy, as she was generally called, was born eighty-nine years ago, a slave, in the family of Cassius Foley of Waterfall. She was one of those rare types seldom seen, a genuine product of the Old South, loyal to her white folks all through the years whom she respected and loved devotedly. She was a widow for many years, and most of her large family had passed away, yet time dealt kindly with her, retaining all of her faculties until the end. It was indeed a treat to visit her neat little cottage for a chat with "Aunt Sindy" and one came away seeming in some way glorified. We grieve that she is no more.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Deed: Leachman to Johnson (1908)

Deed:  Leachman to Johnson
Prince William County Deed Book 57, page 270

THIS DEED made this 15th day of May, 1908, between Elizabeth A. Leachman, of the first part and Sarah E. Johnson, and Anna M. Johnson, parties of the second part, WITNESSETH: That in consideration of One dollar and of care and attention bestowed upon the parties of the first part by the parties of the second part, and in further consideration of love and affection of the party of the first part toward the parties of the second part, the said party of the first part, Elizabeth A. Leachman doth hereby grant and convey unto the said parties of the second part Sarah E. Johnson and Anna M. Johnson, with General Warranty, all that lot of land in the Corporation of Manassas, bounded on the west by Main Street, on the North by Church Street (formerly called North Street, on east by East Street and on the south by the land of C. L. Hynson, being about 105 feet on Main Street, 210 feet on Church Street and 105 feet on East Street, being about one half acre and being the land conveyed to Robert C. Leachman by deed from Cannon and wife, recorded in Liber 26 of Deeds on page 516, and by said Robert C. Leachman conveyed by last will and Testament to his wife, Elizabeth A. Leachman, the party of the first part, less a lot 24 feet by 24 feet on Church Street conveyed by deed recorded in Liber 28, page 480. To have and to hold unto the said parties of the second part, their heirs and assigns forever.

The said Elizabeth A. Leachman covenants that she has the right to make this conveyance; that there are no encumbrances thereon; that she will warrant and defend the title thereto and execute such further assurances of the same as shall be requisite.

Witness my signature and seal,

Elizabeth A. Leachman {seal}

State of Virginia,County of Prince William,

I, George C. Round, a Notary public in and for the said county in the State of Virginia, do certify that Elizabeth A. Leachman, whose name is signed to the above writing bearing the date of May 15, 1908, has acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid. My commission expires April 30, 1910. Given under my hand the 15th day of May, 1908.

Geo. C. Round, Notary Public, Pr. Wm. Co., Va.

In Clerk's Office Circuit Court of Prince William County, May 19, 1908.

This DEED from Leachman to Johnson, was received with certificate annexed and admitted to record.

E. Nelson, Clerk