Friday, July 19, 2019

Friend of Friends Friday: Will: John C. Barbee (1853)

Will of John C. Barbee
PWCo Will Book Q, pt. 171-172

I John C. Barbee being of sound mind and memory but am aware of the uncertainty of life and certainty of death am desirous of arranging such worldly effect as God has blessed me with in the following order.

To Wit, I give and bequeath to my brothers Andrew D. Wroe and James M. Barbee and my sister Elizabeth W. Barbee and Mary C. Barbee my boy Henry and all my right, lotte [?] and interest in boy Marshall; but should any or either of said distributees die without a child, said property is to go to the survivors, but my Mother is to have the use and benefit of Henry during her natural life but in no wise or respect is the boy Henry to be under the control or management of my Father. My brothers are to have my wearing apparel, my nephew and Andrew C. Wroe is to have my watch, my mother and sisters Elizabeth W. Barbee and Mary C. Barbee is to have all my money after paying all necessary expenses.  My sister Elizabeth W. Barbee is to have my trunk.  I hereby constitute and appoint Andrew D. Wroe my Executor to this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three.

John C. Barbee {seal}

Signed and acknowledged before us
Noah Fowler
William A. Fowler

At a court of Quarterly Sessions held for Prince William County on the 1st day of August 1853

This last will and testament of John C. Barbee was proved according to law by the oaths of Noah Fowler and William A. Fowler subscribing witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Andrew D. Wroe the Executor therein named who made oath and together with John C. Weedon his security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of one thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted to the said Andrew D. Wroe for obtaining letters of administration on the said decedents Estate in due form.

P. D. Lipscomb  Clk.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Marriage Licenses (1890)

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
28 May 1890

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses have been issued by the clerk of the court to
John H. Gwynn and Amanda Howard;
Grant Slaughter and Daisy Hayes;
Samuel Addison and Annie Butler;
John Harrison of Stafford county, Va. and Lizzie Lewis of Montgomery county, Md.;
H. J. Stewart and Margaret L. Harrison;
Benj. F. Myer sand Elizabeth Logan;
Emanuel Madison and Sadie Campbell;
Solomon H. Jones and Alice M. Stubbs;
James William Swider of Prince William county, Va. and Jennie Frances Bowles of Fairfax county, Va.;
Edward S. Pilsworth of Richmond, Va., and Cora O. Scott of Petersburg, Va.;
Thos. Davis and Victoria Slater

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Travel Tuesday: Autos Collide (1919)

Alexandria Gazette
27 June 1919


J. S. Russell, Prince William County, Received Slight Injuries Last Night

John S. Russell, of Prince William county, Va., was cut about the face by broken glass from the windshield of an automobile in which he was a passenger, driven by Henry Carter, of Prince William County, when Carter's automobile and an automobile driven by F. W. Wehrman, this city, collided at King and Columbus streets.  Russell's injuries were dressed at Alexandria Hospital.

Both machines were considerably damaged.  The collision was a head on affair and the crash attracted a large throng. Police Sergt. Scott soon arrived and the matter was satisfactorily adjusted between the owners of the cars.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday's Obituary: Roy Mitchell Patterson (1944)

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
26 January 1944


Manassas, Va., Jan. 26 -- Roy Mitchell Patterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Patterson of Bethel, Prince William County, died January 4 from wounds received in the battle of Bougainville, according to word received by his parents from the War Department.

Mr. Mitchell, who was born near Woodbridge, had lived in the county until he was inducted in 1942. Besides his parents, he is survived by four sisters, Misses Ada, Marjorie and Elsie Patterson, Woodbridge, and Mrs. Clarence Davis, Dunfries.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday's Faces from the Past: Cabinet Photo (Manassas Photo and Copying Company)

This cabinet photo of an unnamed boy in knickers was discovered during a search of online auction sites.  The backing shows the Manassas Photo and Copying Company but no writing to indicate the child's identity or the year the photograph was taken.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Miller / Jacobs (1913)

Library of Virginia Chancery Records
PWCo Case 153_1920_001 - pg. 6

This 19 February 1913 marriage license and certificate between Walter Henry Miller, s/o H.A. and Mary, of Prince William County, and Agnes Elizabeth Jacobs, d/o Jacob and Lizzie, of Fauquier County, can be found as part of the case record for the divorce suit filed in 1920.

The wedding was performed by H. L. Quarles, a pastor of the Manassas Baptist Church.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

NARA: Passport Application: James M. Keys (1921)

National Archives & Record Administration
Passport Application
12 February 1921

State of Florida
County of Monroe

I, James M. Keys, a native and loyal citizen of the United States, hereby apply to the Department of State, at Washington, for a passport.

I solemnly swear that I was born at Tuscombia, in the State of Alabama, on or about 18th day of June 1891, that my father James A. Keys, was born in Dumfries, Va., and is now deceased ...

...that I am domiciled in the United States, my permanent residence being at Tuscombia, in the State of Alabama, where I follow the occupation of Engineer, Loc.

...I am about to go abroad temporarily; and I intend to return to the United States within one year with the purpose of residing and performing the duties of citizenship therein; and I desire a passport for use in visiting the countries hereinafter named for the following purpose:  Cuba - Employment

I intend to leave the United States from the port of Key West, Fla. sailing aboard the P&O.SS.Line as soon as possible.