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People & Places: Former Elkhartan in Charge of Big Virginia Orchard (Ben Lomond)

Elhart Truth (Elkhart, Indiana)
5 June 1919


Former Postmaster W. H. Anderson of 714 West Lexington avenue, who is an intimate friend of Howard A. Knevels, for many years proprietor of a book and stationery store in this city, now of Manassas, Va., is in receipt of a letter from Mr. Knevels which contains the following statement of interest to the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Knevels here:

"I am in the kind of work I enjoy. I have charge of about 100 acres of orchard three miles north of Manassas. I live in Manassas and go to the farm each day when the weather permits. I am my own boss and have a snap. The Ben Lomond farm is owned by F. W. Bruch of Cleveland, O. It consists of about 2,000 acres with quite a village of buildings and more going up. A $10,000 dairy barn was built last year. Two tractor sand 20 horses and mules are used and about 15 to 20 people are employed. A dairy of 80 cows is kept going, the milk being taken to Washington each morning. We have a dairy maid who has charge of the  milk business and she is scientific -- even prescribes the feed for each cow according to the milk she is expected to give.

On Edge of Battlefield.

"It is quite an interesting experience to me. Enjoy the whole business. We are located on the edge of the Bull Run battlefield. Bull Run goes through the farm. The old, big house, built similar to Mount Vernon, was used as a hospital in the time of those battles. People frequently pick up old shells, bullets and bayonets.

"I have an offer to take charge of 400 acres of mountain orchard next year in addition to what I have now. Those orchards will be seven years planted next year and are bearing considerable fruit this year. Thirteen hundred acres of apple orchard at the top of the Blue Ridge is some orchard. If I go to this orchard next year I shall live near there. It is near Markham, Va."

The letter is accompanied by a photograph of "our home." It shows a large, two story and attick structure with porches and surrounded by numerous shade trees.

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