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Sunday's Obituary: George W. Sanders

Alexandria Gazette
3 June 1875

OBITUARY. On Monday, June 21st, 1875, at his residence, Mount Pleasant, in Prince William co., Va., G. W. SANDERS, esq., in the 44th year of his age. The author of this obituary had known Mr. Sanders for several years, and always felt for him a sincere friendship and regard. Amiable and genial in his intercourse with his friends, by his sparkling and ready humor and intelligent and agreeable converse, he was the life and soul of the social circle in which he was intimate. By great and indefatigable industry and energy of character he had amassed previous to his death a comfortable independence, and his helping hand was always outstretched to give employment to the poor and needy. Hospitable to all and kind, generous and social to a fault, he was an affectionate husband, indulgent father, an upright citizen and an honest man. "Few know him but to love him, few named him but to praise." Stricken down by a disease which baffled all medical skill, and had been preying for some time on a constitution naturally weak and delicate, and bearing it with patience and resignation, he gradually sunk under its influence, and calmly, quietly and without a struggle, our friend George W. Sanders passed away from earth to the eternal world. Over his faults, whatever they may have been -- (for we all have them) -- let us cast the mantle of oblivion, and endeavor to imitate his many virtues and noble qualities. May that God "who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb" watch over and protect the widowed mother and children, and may we all so live as he did that it may be said of us in the language of holy writ, "The liberal deviseth liberal things, and by liberal things he shall stand" and in addition those other words of the great English poet:

"A wit's a feather and a chief's a rod;
An honest man's the noblest work of God."


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