Sunday, October 23, 2016

Church Record Sunday: Churches of Manassas

Manassas Democrat
20 April 1911


The churches of Manassas were erected as follows:

A small edifice for the Presbyterian church was built in 1867 on the corner of Church and East streets and torn down when the present edifice of stone was erected in 1875.

The Methodist Episcopal edifice on West street is the oldest church building standing. It was built in 1968, but rented for a public school three years before the pews were installed.

Trinity Episcopal church was built in 1872.

The Old School Baptist church, one mile south of Manassas, was built about 1874.

The Colored Baptist church was built in 1879 and rebuilt in 1905.

The Catholic church was built about 1881.

The New School Baptist church was built about 1890, and rebuilt in 1906.

The Lutheran church was built in 1896 and the Primitive Baptist church on West street in 1898.

The first man to preach a sermon in Manassas was the Rev. Levi. H. York, of the Methodist church. The services were held in an unfinished store building occupying the present site of the Newman block.

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