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Newspaper Tidbit: Politics: Jackson Corresponding Committee

United States Telegraph (Washington, DC)
22 April 1828

Pursuant to public notice, the Jackson Corresponding Committee for Prince William county (consisting of John W. Tyler, Charles S. Carter, Stuart G. Thornton, Dr. James W. P. Macrae, Major Luke Cannon, Thomas R. Hampton, William Tyler, Major Ashmere, Redmon Foster, William E. Alexander, James G. Bryce, Wm. Cleary, James Foster, Peyton Norvill, Major George Jackson, John S. Fairfax, Wm. B. Tyler, and Geo. W. Macrae) convened at Brentsville on the 7th inst. at the tavern of Thomas R. Hampton.

A majority of the committee being present, John W. Tyler, Esq. in the chair, on motion, Geo. W. Macrae was appointed Secretary, whereupon it was resolved unanimously that that the following persons, freeholders of the county of Prince William, be added to the committee heretofore appointed by the Legislative Convention, to wit:

Stephen French, Joseph R. Lynn, Alexander Foot, Richard B. Tyler, Jas. Fewell, William P. Cundiff, Benj. Johnson, John Fitzhugh, Wm. A. Harrison, Joseph Johnson, Moses Cockrell, Peyton Mills, James G. Watkins, John Hutchinson, James M. Tyler, Thomas Nelson, Jr., George Carney, Benson Lynn, George G. Tyler, Wittoughby W. Tebbs, Samuel Janney, Richard Britt, John W. Williams, Richard B. Scott, Alfred B. Tyler, Travis Davis, John Dogan, Geo. N. B. Renoe, Hezekiah Martin, Samuel H. Fisher, John Tansill, Strother Renoe, John Lee, James Florence, Jno. Graham, John G. Kubleman, Maj. Enoch Grear, and James H. Reid.

On motion, Resolved, that the editors of the Richmond Enquirer, and the United States Telegraph, be requested to publish the proceedings of this Committee.

The Committee then adjourned to meet again at Brentsville, on the 1st Monday in May next.

John W. Tyler, Chairman
Geo. W. Macrea, Sec'ry

The above is a true and correct copy of the proceedings of the Jackson Corresponding Committee for Prince William County, convened at Brentsville on the 7th of April, 1828.

Geo. W. Macrae
Secretary to the Committee
Brentsville, April 12th, 1828

[During the 1828 Presidential election, Andrew Jackson's campaign included hundreds of local Jackon committees and a large network of newspapers. ~cgl]


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