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Newspaper Tidbit: Prince William Township Officers

Alexandria Gazette
31 May 1873

PRINCE WILLIAM TOWNSHIP OFFICERS -- The following township officers were elected at the May election, in addition to those given in our last issue.

Brentsville Township -- Supervisor, J. B. Reid; Assessor, James M. Sinclair; Clerk, A. F. Woodyard; Collector, John T. Goodwin; Commissioner of Roads, John A. Brawner; Overseer of Poor, Benj. F. Manuel; Justices of the Peace, A. F. Woodyard til 1875, and Jno. D. Payne til 1876; Constables, John T. Goodwin, till 18875; Geo. B. Chichester, til 1876.

Occoquan Township -- Supervisor, Dr. Milton A. Ish; Clerk, L. Ledman; Assessor, Absalom T. Lynn; Collector, Geo. W. Tansill; Commissioner of Roads, A. M. Arrington; Overseer of Poor, M. Curtis; Justice of the Peace, C. W. Holland 3 years; Constable, Geo. W. Tansill 3 years.

Coles Township -- Supervisor, M. N. Lynn; Clerk, Wm. B. Lynn; Assessor, J. M. Barbee, Collector, Robert H. Keys; Commissioner of Roads, Roy L. Davis; Overser of poor, John H. Lynn; Justice of Peace, Sam. R. Lowe, 3 years; Constable, Robert H. Keyes, 3 years.

Dumfries Townhip -- Supervisor, Chas. F. Bayley; Clerk, Wm. A. Dunnington; Assessor, Wm. S. Chapman; Collector, James V. Nash; Commissioner of Roads, Henry C. Brawner; Overseer of Poor, James Clark; Justices of the Peace, A. H. Fuechsel til 1876; George R. Atkinson till 1874; Constables, Jas. V. Nash, till 1876, Benjamin Lynn, til 1875 -- Manassas Gazette

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