Friday, March 4, 2016

Deed: Gift Deed: James L. Cole to Susan V. (Carter) Cole

Gift Deed
Cole to Cole
Prince William County Deed Book 36, pg 567

This Deed, made this 11th day of September 1886 between James L. Cole of the first part, M. N. Lynn trustee of the second part, and Susan V. Cole the wife of the said Jas. L. Cole of the third part all of the County of Prince William and State of Virginia.  Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the love and affection which the said J. L. Cole hath & bears for his said wife Susan V. Cole and for and in consideration of the sum of One Dollar in hand paid to the said Jas. L. Cole by the said M. N. Lynn trustee, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, he the said Jas. L. Cole doth hereby sell and convey unto the said trustee the following property to wit: 10 stands of bees and their increase, One Double Barrel Gun, set Blacksmith tools, 1000 feet of lumber, all my household furniture and forty four acres of land, being the same land allotted or willed to me in the division of my late Father’s estate Lawrence Cole died, with the privilege of selling the said land whenever it shall seem to her best, to have and to hold the above described property in trust for the benefit of the said Susan V. Cole & her children, free from the debts and liabilities of the said Jas. L. Cole or any future husband.   Witness the following signature and seal the day & year first written.

Jas. L. Cole {seal}

In Clerk’s Office Prince William County Sept. 11 1886

This Deed of Gift from Cole to Cole was received acknowledged by Grantor and admitted to record.

Teste, L. A. Davis, Clerk

[This is an especially interesting gift deed from James Lawrence Cole, the son of Lawrence Cole, to his wife Susan V. (Carter) Cole.  In family letters, James is talked about as a notorious womanizer who on one occasion actually brought another woman home with him!  Small wonder Mrs. Cole wanted some sort of financial surety "free from the debts and liabilities of the said Jas. L. Cole or any future husband!"  ~ cgl]

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