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Newspaper Tidbit: PWCo Items (29 April 1874)

Alexandria Gazette
29 April 1874

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY ITEM - [From the Manassas Gazette]

Quite a large attendance of ladies and gentleman was at the temperance meeting in Manassas on Thursday night. Judge Sinclair delivered an able and beautiful address, which was received with frequent outburst of applause. After the address the pledge was offered, and was signed by ten, two for life. A subscription was circulated, and upwards of twenty dollars donated to be used in fitting up a future place of meeting for the society. Among the visitors was Dr. J. C. Hill of Alexandria.

A few days ago, a negro employed on Mr. Frances' fishing landing stole a very fine horse belonging to Mr. F, and started South. Mr. Joe Lynn, started in pursuit, and in a few hours, after tracking the thief well through Chapawamsic Neck, came up with him near Potomac City, and recovered the horse, but the negro escaped into the pine.

Mr. W. W. Davis of Manassas, was seriously injured on Monday last by his horse, since which time he has been continued to his bed. He was holding the animal by the bridle rein, when it began to play, pulling Mr. D. down, and as he fell striking him on the side and stomach with hi knees.  Mr. D. lay insensible for some time.

Messrs. Makely & Rice of Clifton have a pet squirrel, captured in the woods near that place, which is perfectly white. It is in every particular except the color, an exact counterpart of the common grey squirrel. It is very tame and perfectly docile.

The carriage of Capt. C. R. Limstrong while standing at the M. E. Church in Manassas on Thursday night during the temperance meeting, was robbed of two cushions, a rug, a blue cloth jacket belonging to his son, and a lantern.

The wheat in this neighborhood never presented a finer appearance. The peach crop has been seriously damaged by the frost. Pears and cherries, now in bloom, do not appear to be injured.

The heavy rains of the past three or four days have stopped farming operations, and raised some of the streams too high to ford.

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