Thursday, August 20, 2015

Newspaper Tidbit: Three at Birth

Alexandria Gazette
26 May 1875

THREE AT BIRTH -- Prince William comes in for a notice of interest.  On the 20th inst. the wife of Henry Russell gave birth to three female children.  The wife died at the birth of the last, but the children are all doing well.  Henry is a most deserving, respected and honorable colored man.  During the war he was horse-sheer for the 4th Va. cavalry, and since the war has steadfastly and boldly stood by the Conservative party. -- Cor. Fredericksburg Star

[It isn't often that I come across birth announcements/stories in 1800's newspapers.  This one is especially important because it notes the birth of triplets and the passing of Henry Russell's first wife, Eugenia.  In the 1880 PWCo census, Henry Russell and his second wife, Susan (Payne), are listed with the following children:  Henry (14), Roberta (7), and Maggie (2).  Roberta appears to be the only one of the triplets to have survived.  ~cgl]

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