Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday's Obituary: Sister Clare (Vogel)

Richmond Times Dispatch
30 January 1903


Sister Clare Has Followed Her Much-Loved Co-Worker to the Grave

But a few days after her sister and lifetime co-worker passed away, Sister Clare, of the Benedictine Order, held in loving memory here by many, herself died a day or two since at Bristow, Va. Companions in life she and Mother Edith, whose sudden departure last week came as a shock to Catholics in this city, are also companions in death; the two who worked side by side and who together devoted their lives to religion, now lie, still side by side, in the little cemetery in Prince William.

Mother Edith came to this country with her sister many years ago from Germany. In the world her name was Miss Vogel. Both devoted themselves to the convent life of the Benedictine Order and both worked for the good of the cause. Sister Edith came to Richmond and became the first superior of the institute here.  He sister, Sister Clare, was also then working in the school.  About twelve months ago Mother Edith left the convent and retired to St. Edith's Academy at Bristow in Prince William county. With her went Sister Clare. Both were now advanced in years - one fifty-seven and the other sixty-two.

Last week Mother Edith, as already stated, was stricken suddenly ill and died. On Tuesday last her sister followed her to the grave, also passing away after a brief illness.  Not a whole week intervened between the two deaths.

The funeral of Sister Clare was held yesterday. She was buried in Prince William county beside her sister.


  1. Sad but lovely.

    Can you tell me where you accessed this clipping? I'm interested in a family that lived in Henrico county between 1910ish and 1928 and would love to find some newspaper archives. :)

    1. I use, a paid subscription service for many of the clippings I post here. There are also online searchable newspapers for Virginia at