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Deed: Merchant to Ashby, Trustee of Mary Frances Shacklett

Merchant to Ashby, Trustee of Mary Frances Shacklett
Prince William County Deed Book 24, pg. 16

This Deed made this 30th day of January 1857 between Robt. B. MERCHANT of the one part and James ASHBY trustee of Mary Frances SHACKLETT wife of Richard D. SHACKLETT of the other part. Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of one hundred and seventy five Dollars, the said Robert B. Merchant doth grant with general warranty unto the said James Ashby trustee as aforesaid all that tract of land or parcel of land known by the name of Raccoon Hill tract purchased by the said Merchant of George H. COCKRELL lying and being in the County of Prince William and bounded as follows to Wit. Beginning at a pine stump and planted stone corner to the entire tract thence 79.30 E 54 poles to a stake by a Spanish oak on a hill, thence S. 30.30 W 100 to a small Spanish oak by an old road, thence N 79.30 W 54 poles to a black oak in the out line, thence N 30.30 E 100 poles to the beginning containing thirty three acres and 3 roods, to the same more or less; the said James Ashby trustee as aforesaid, to hold the said property hereby conveyed, in the same manner, for the same purposes and upon the same conditions as he holds the property conveyed to him by the marriage contract between the said Richard D. Shacklett and Mary Frances his wife dated 2nd day of February 1854 and of record in the Clerk’s office of the County Court of Prince William County.

Witness the following signatures and seals,
Robert B. Merchant {seal}

County of Prince William to Wit:

I William C. MERCHANT a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid in the state of Virginia do certify that Robert B. Merchant, whose name is signed to the writing above bearing date on the 30th day of January 1857, has acknowledged the same before me in my state aforesaid. Given under my hand this 30th day of January 1857.

W. Charles Merchant J.P.

At a Court held for Prince William County February 3d 1857

This deed from Ashby trustee with a certificate annexed was presented to the Court and ordered to be recorded.



[Deeds can include vital information and clues to ancestors.  This deed, for instance, includes the marriage date of "Richard D. Shacklett and Mary Frances his wife dated 2nd day of February 1854." ~cgl]

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