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Newspaper Tidbit: Manassas Item (1917)

11 November 1917
Richmond Times Dispatch

MANASSAS, Va., November 10 -- Manassas Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, meet at the chapter hall Wednesday afternoon.

A meeting of the Manassas Chapter of the American Red Cross was held at the town hall Monday evening, George G. Tyler presiding.

Lieutenant Everett L. Rice, of Fort Hamilton, N.Y., is visiting his mother, Mrs. W. M. Rice.

Mrs. Wade Carmack, of Bristol, Tenn, during the week was the guest of Mrs. Jacob L. Harrell.

Mrs. C. E. Nash is the guest of her daughters, Mrs. George Berger Cocke and Mrs. Robert W. Adamson, in Petersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Lipscomb have had as their guests their son and Mr. Lipscomb's brother, W. Harold Lipscomb of New York City, and Charles E. Lipscomb, of Plainsfield, N.J.

Miss Margaret Worthington, of Charles Town, W. Va., spent the week in Manassas as the guest of Miss Isabel Kelley, while conducting Bible study classes under the auspices of the Gypsy Smith Prayer Circle.

Mrs. Clarence L. Hickerson of Rockville, Md. and Mrs. W. P. Rudasill of Culpeper were recent guests of Mr .and Mr.s D. J. Arrington.

Mr. and Mrs. Newman Walker, of Pittsburgh, Pa., recently visited Mr. Walker's father, W. J. Walker.  Mr. Walker and his bride made the trip to Manassas by automobile.

John T. Debell and his sister, Miss Tillie DeBell, have returned from Washington, where they paid a short visit to their brother, Lieutenant Arthur W. DeBell, medical corps., United States Army, who was traveling north from Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

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