Thursday, May 14, 2015

Those Places Thursday: Snow Hill

Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
8 December 1823


Recent domestic occurrences will induce me to sell this highly valuable and beautiful estate, situated in the upper part of Prince William County, Virginia, near the line of Loudon County, and three miles from the Bull Run Mountains, 30 miles from Washington City and Alexandria, over a good turnpike, containing 879 acres of fine corn land, producing a spontaneous growth of poplar and locust, is divided into five fields of 120 to 140 acres each, has 200 bushels of fine wheat well put in (on a field that produced 2300 bushels four years ago), 50 bushels of rye, 70 acres in clover, 40 acres in a state of preparation for oats in the Spring and 30 acres for tobacco, of a soil well adapted, from an experiment of this year, to the growth of high priced tobacco.  Any portion of the crop of corn of 500 or 600 barrels, may be had with it if required -- about 200 acres in wood and rail timber.  The improvements consist of a two story dwelling house, in good order, with four rooms and a spacious passage on each floor, with two Grecian porches, finished in a very superior style, and stone kitchen and cook house, and all other houses necessary on such an estate, a good garden and an orchard of choice fruit.  A small portion only of the purchase money will be required in hand, and the balance in four instalments, in such portions as shall be stipulated.  For health, beauty of situation, and agreeable society, it stand sunrivalled in any part of the country.  A good bargain will be given if an early arrangement can be made.

William Hebb,
near Hay Market, Virginia

nov 20-eo1m

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