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Sunday's Obituary: Jennie Martin

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
26 January 1898


Mrs. Jennie Martin, widow of George J. Martin, died suddenly a few days ago under distressing circumstances.  After Mr. Martin's sudden and shocking death, by accident, at Springfield, Mass., his widow with her three little children left that city, where they had gone only a few days before, at the request of Mr. Martin's father, to make their home, and started for her own home in Prince William county, Va.  Her brother met them at the railway station, and placing her and the little ones in the carriage, started on a three-mile drive to the home she left six years ago, a happy bride.  Mrs. Martin closed her eyes and layed her head back in the carriage.  Her brother, thinking she was fatigued by the journey, would not disturb her, but devoted his time to the horse and the children.  On arriving at the gate of their home he took the little ones out and then turned to arouse his sister.  To his horror he found her a corpse.  How long she had been dead he did not know.

Mrs. Martin was known and much esteemed in Washington and the circumstances of her husband's death caused great sympathy for her.  Her own demise coming so close upon that of her husband's is peculiarly saddening to her friends.  Her little children, a girl five years old, and two boys younger, are bereft of parental protection at a very tender age.  Mrs. Martin was buried last Thursday in the family log at her home in Virginia, and her aged parents have taken the little orphans under their care.

It is a singular coincidence that Mrs. and Mrs. Martin's deaths occurred while each was almost on the threshold of the childhood's home.  The couple resided at 915 North Capitol street in this city.

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