Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past: Keys-Chapin Family (?)

Below is another of the photographic treasures found in a California antique store that I mentioned in my January 10, 2015 post about Lost Heirlooms.  Like many lost heirlooms, this photo had nothing written on the back to identify the subjects or the place where the photo was taken.  This photo was included with a cache of prints identified as belonging to the Keys-Chapin family, so for the moment I am assuming that this grouping represents members of that family.

Do any of of these faces look familiar to you?  Does the location?  Can you estimate the year the photo was taken by the style of clothing?  If you found this photograph, alone and unassociated with a family name, how would YOU determine who/what/when?

Again, many thanks to my cousin Gentsia for permission to post and share her photos!

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