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Will: William Scott (1795)

Prince William County Will Book H, pg. 126
3 Jan 1795; Proved 7 April 1795

I WILLIAM SCOTT of Dumfries in the Commonwealth of Virginia do make this my last Will and Testament; I give to my wife during her life two negroes, SALL and PETER, and at their death to be divided among the children of my daughter LETITIA COLQUHON.  My other negroes to wit, RATE, RALPH, DINAH and FANNEY, I give to the children of my daughter LETITIA COLQUHON to be among them divided at such time and in such manner as shall be just, which division is to be made by my son CHARLES.

I give to my said daughter LETITIA COLQUHON one third part of the lands in Virginia or elsewhere, which came to me by the death of my brother ROBERT, hereby desiring that the said lands may be sold with all convenient speed by my son CHARLES, and that one third part of the money be secured to the use of my said daughter for support to her, during her life and afterwards to be equally divided among her children.  All the remainder of my estate I give to my said son CHRLES on condition that he pay to his mother the sum of Fifty pounds current money yearly in lieu of dower in my land and the payments to be made quarterly, and punctually for her further support in comfort so long as she shall live, and also that he pay to my niece MARY CHINN fifty pounds like money.

The household furniture is not to be sold, but is set apart for the use of my wife and daughter.  In Witness that this is my last Will and Testament I do hereunto set my hand this third day of January Seventeen hundred and ninety five.  I appoint my son Executor of this Will.


Published and declared by the Testator to be his last Will in the presence of and Interlined first


At a Court continued and held for Prince William County the 7th Day of April 1795.

This last Will and Testament of William Scott dec’d was presented to the Court by CHARLES SCOTT his Executor who made oath to the same and the said Will being proved by the Oaths of Alexander Henderson and HECTOR ROFZ is ordered to be recorded and the said Executor having performed what is usual in such cases, certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.



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