Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thriller Thursday: Suicided at Last: Frederick Hurlbuss

Alexandria Gazette
14 August 1893

SUICIDED AT LAST -- Frederick Hurlbuss committed suicide at Woodbridge, Prince William county, on Friday last, by shooting himself in the head, the ball entering behind the right ear, causing instant death.

Hurlbuss lived in that section some years and was the suitor for the hand of Mrs. George M. Arnold.  Before she was married she rejected his suit and married Mr. Arnold, a farmer, and Hurlbuss then went west, remaining a few years.  He was, however, so much infatuated with the lady that he returned about three months since and proposed to her to elope with him.  This she indignantly refused to do and repelled his advances.  He then became despondent and taking poison came near ending his life.

Friday afternoon he went down on the Quantico train, getting off at the station below Woodbridge and walking back.  In the evening he appeared at Mrs. Arnold's house and had a talk with her, in which he again asked if she would go away with him.  As on the former occasion she indignantly repelled the suggestion.  "Well, then," he said, "I will kill myself right here in your presence."  Mrs. Arnold screamed and closed the door and Hurlbuss left, going to a family grave yard, about two hundred yards from the house.

In a short time a pistol shot was heard from that direction, and parties going there found him lying with the pistol near by and the wound in the head and he was then dead.

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