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Church Record Sunday: Coles District Sunday School Convention (1931)

30 July 1931
Manassas Journal


Proceedings of Coles District Sunday School Convention, held with Woodbine Baptist Church, July 26, 1931, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Opening Song --- "Near the Cross"

Devotional Exercise - Rev. J. M. Wells
   8 Romans 1-4, followed by prayer by Rev. J. M. Wells

Music, by Woodbine Sunday School
   "Carry Your Cross With a Smile"

Address of Welcome -- Miss Ola Whitmer

Response -- Rev. J. M. Bell

Music, by Independent Hill Sunday School

Recitation -- Miss Annabelle Merrill

Duet, "Just a little help from you"
   Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Bell

Address, "On Sunday School Work" -- Rev. J. Murray Taylor

Quartette -- Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Bell and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wine

Motion for adjournment for lunch

Dismissed by Rev. J. Murray Taylor.

Afternoon Session 1:30 P.M.

Opening Song, "I Love to Tell the Story"

Prayer -- Rev. W. T. Wine

Duet -- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wine

Business of convention:  Committee for nominating officers for ensuing year:  Mr. W. A. Wine, Mr. R. W. Woodyard, and Mr. C. F. Whitmer.

Rev. W. T. Wine suggested a motion that a resolution be placed on the minutes in behalf of Mr. Herring's recent illness, and sympathy be extended Mr. Herring, and hope for a speedy recovery, which was adopted.  Prayer was then offered by Rev. J. M. Bell in Mr. Herring's behalf.  Reports from the following Sunday Schools:  Woodbine and Independent Hill.  Reports adopted and Purcell S. S. just being organized.  Officers for ensuing year are as follows:  president, Mr. W. A. Wine, vice president, Mr. W. Y. Elliott, secretary-treasurer, Bessie V. Cornwell.

Music, "Anywhere With Jesus"

Address -- Mr. J. M. Bell

Address, "The Importance of a Sunday School" -- Mr. R. A. Rust

Music, "Onward Christian Soldiers"

Recitation -- Mr. J. W. Bell

Talks on Sunday School Work by the following:  Mr. W. T. Wine and Elder Geo. Beahm

Contribution from Independent Hill -- $1.00

Collection taken -- $3.60

Total -- $4.60

A rising vote of thanks was extended to Woodbine for their hospitality of entertaining the convention.

Closing song, "God be with you


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