Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Travel Tuesday: John Corbin

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
16 November 1901


His Horses Also Killed and Wagon Demolished 

Alexandria, Va., November 16, 1901 -- While driving across the track of the Southern railroad yesterday afternoon at Manassas, Mr. John Corbin, a well-known resident of that place, was struck by a southbound passenger train and instantly killed.  The wagon in which the unfortunate man was seated was demolished and the horses were also killed.  The accident occurred just to the south of the station at that place as passenger train No. 11 was pulling out.  The train had not reached a high rate of speed, but it is thought that Mr. Corbin did not see or hear its approach.  His wife and several children survive him.  He was a prominent farmer of Prince William county.

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