Monday, November 10, 2014

Will: Charles Hoff (1814)

Prince William County Will Book K, pg. 289
01 Jan 1814; proved 06 Jun 1814

In the name of God Amen I CHARLES HOFF of Prince William County and State of Virginia being in perfect health thanks be to the Almighty God for his mercy toward me do make this last will and testament if I the said CHARLES HOFF do not return from the Expedition that make over my property to Item I give unto my nephew JOSHUA HOFF one horse bridle an sadle one set of black smith tools.  Item and I leave to four well beloved sisters all my property that BETTY, JANE, SARAH and NANCY HOFF.  Exception the horse bridle and tools.  Item and if any money arising from the sd. Estate that can be paid without disfurnishing themselves.  Item I leave unto CORNELIUS and THOMAS HOFF four hundred dollars two hundred each.  Item and I leave my well beloved brother JOHN HOFF my etn. Of my estate so long as he carry on the business with prudence and economy.  Item and my Exetrx is not to make way nor sale of any of the said estate but it  to remain in the hands of my sisters during there natural lives.  As witness my hand and seal this first day of January eighteen hundred and fourteen.



At a Court of Quarterly Sessions held for Prince William County June 6th 1814.

This last will and testament of CHARLES HOFF deceased was presented to the Court by JOHN HOFF the Exor. therein named who made oath to the same according to law & the said will being proved by the oaths of HENRY HOPE and WM. HOPE is ordered to be recorded and the said JOHN HOFF having taken the oath of an Exor. and performed what is usual in such cases certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

Teste, PHIL. D. DAWE

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