Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Newspaper Tidbit: Voting Notice in Haymarket Precinct (1832)

National Aegis (Vicksburg, Mississippi)
November 21, 1832

A CURIOSITY.  The Commissioners for holding the elections at Haymarket Precinct, in Prince William County, Virginia, posted up the following notice at the public places in Haymarket:

"Notice.  Persons desirous to vote for Andrew Jackson, as President of the United States, can obtain tickets by applying to the Commissioners who will conduct the election.  They are cautioned against receiving tickets from any other source, as it is believed we have more to fear from false friends than avowed enemies."

We consider this a most unauthorized interference on the part of the Commissioners, who should have been seen in any other position than that of electioneering partizans.

Alexandria Gazette

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