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Friend of Friends Friday: Ran Away - Vincent Jackson (1828)

Alexandria Gazette
July 11, 1828

Fifty Dollars Reward

Ran Away from the subscriber living near Haymarket in Prince William county, Va. on the 9th day of July, 1828, a negro man about thirty years old, by the name of VINCENT JACKSON.  He is about five feet eight or ten inches high, well made, yellow complexion, and has a scar on his upper lip, and his nose rather flat.  He has a wife at Mr. Aris Buckner's in the city of Washington, where it is supposed he will go -- It is probable he may procure a free pass, as he is a smart fellow and has made considerable acquaintance among those who it is probable are none too good to aid him in making his escape.  He will likely make for the City, where his wife is now living, and then for the free States.  He took with him sundry clothing, among whichi is a good blue broadcloth coat.  If he is taken in this or the adjoining counties I will give ten dollars, and if the District of Columbia twenty dollars, and if in Maryland or north of it fifty dollars, and pay all reasonable and legal charges -- In every case he must be brought home or secured in jail so that I get him again.

Reuben Rogers
July 11 - eo3t

The Baltimore American, and Poulson's American, Philadelphia, will publish the above every other time to the amount of one dollar and send their accounts to this office.

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