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Church Record Sunday: Newspaper Tidbits: Baptist Church

Alexandria Gazette
August 21, 1873

Union Grove speaks of being poor financially, yet rich in the Lord.  Still regards Bro. Dulin as pastor, though he has left them.  Desires to build a house of worship, and asks assistance.  They have licensed Bro. C. W. Teasdale to preach the Gospel.

Alexandria Gazette
October 10, 1874

A protracted meeting by the New School Baptists closed last week, which had been in progress near Blands Ford for two or three weeks.  The meetings were held in the woods in the day time and at Mr. Barnes' house at night.  The exercises were under the charge of Rev. Wallace Newman who was assisted by Rev. Mr. Risdon, Rev. Mr. Lowe, and Rev. Mr. Teasdale.  The meetings were well attended and resulted in the addition of seven new members, who received the ordinance of baptism on Sunday ast.

Alexandria Gazette
April 15, 1876

CHURCH ORGANIZATION. -- The pastors and delegates from the following churches convened at Occoquan on April 9th, 1876, for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church at that place:

Clifton, J. W. Ashford and G. W. Tillett; Jerusalem, T. T. Burke; Oak Dale, B. P. Dulin; Woodbine, S. F. Teasdale and S. G. Teasdale.

After a thorough investigation of the matter, it was unanimously adopted by the committee, and Rev. B. P. Dulin was chosen to preach the organization sermon, after which Rev. W. S. Kerns delivered the charge to the organized body.  The meeting then adjourned.

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