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Military Monday: Prince William Cavalry, Co. A., 4th Va. Cavalry

Manassas Journal
October 20, 1905

Prince William Cavalry, Co. A, 4th Va. Cavalry
[Prepared for The Journal by Mrs. Geo. W. Johnson]

Captain, William Willis Thornton
1st Lieut., P. D. Williams
2nd Lieut., A. D. Wroe
3rd Lieut., James M. Barbee
Orderly Sergeant, Thomas O. Thornton


J. T. Arundell
J. C. Lynn
Amos Benson
A. T. Lynn
Heywood Bridwell
John H. Lee
Albert Bridwell
C. H. Lambert
Monroe Bridwell
Ned Larkin
Lang Bridwell
George W. Larkin
_____ Bruffey
Charles Lewis
Chas. H. Brawner
T. W. Marders
Hammitt Claggett
Benj. D. Merchant
Alvah Cass
Frank Merchant
E. J.T. Clark
Philo Mitchell
James F. Clark
John Miner
Henry Carter
Reuben Miner
Charles L. Cushing
R. B. Lee McCrea [Macrae]
Thomas Cushing
Robert Manuel
Robert B. Cushing
Adolphus Marsteller
J. P. Cross
Y. H. Marsteller
Ham. Cross
Felix Muldoon
William Cockrell
George W. Nutt
George M. Colvin
Horatio Nelson
Clinton C. Colvin
Andrew Norman
Richard Colvin
Fielding Norman
George Colvin
Thadeus Newman
Lucien A. Davis
Lucien L. O’mera
S. S. F. Davis
James M. Peters
J. W. Davis
John S. Powell
R. M. Davis
B. L. Pridmore
Joseph Davis
Benjamin Pridmore
Charles E. Davis
Levi Pridmore
W. H. Dewy
J. D. Payne
Caleb S. Deats
Wm. L. Robertson
John C. Deats
Richard Shirley
Ellis A. Deats
Thomas S. Shirley
C. E. Donehoe
J. M. Shirley
C. W. Dunnington
J. R. Shirley
T. P. Elliott
Sidney Shirley
Maurice Evans
Samuel Sisson
Henry Evans
W. M. Simms
Hiram Eastman
G. A. Selectman
Madison Finch
George Selectman
John W. Fewell
T. B. Selectman
A. H. Finchsel
R. Selectman
Mathew Finegan
William Stone
N. B. Guy
Marshall Stone
J. M. Graham
R. H. Shephard
J. P. Gaines
Joseph Shepherd
Charles A. Graham
Carys Smith
W. S. George
Charles Smith
Adison George
J. M. Sinclair
F. W. Holmes
J. L. Sinclair
M. C. Holmes
W. H. Simms
Monroe Holmes
Robert Towles
John M. Herndon
Vivian Towles
Geo. W. Herndon
William Towles
Haywood Herndon
James Towles
Henry M. Holland
John G. Taylor
Robert W. Holland
Garland Taylor
R. E. Horton
J. N. Tolson
M. W. Horton
J. T. Williams
R. H. Haislip
John Williams
James Hulfish
J. F. Williams
John L. Hamet[t]
Wm. F. Williams
G. H. Hooe
Frank Williams
Ashley Holmes
William Wilkins
Robert Jewell
Jeff. Woodyard
George Jewell
E. V. Weir
Robert King
Robert W. Weedon
C. W. Keys
P. T. Weedon
Henry F. Lynn
Marshall B. Weedon
W. M. Lynn
C. H. A. Weedon
A. A. Lynn
Geo. M. Weedon
J[ohn] H[enry] Lynn
J. F. Wheat
L. W. Lynn
Luther Windsor
George Lynn
W. T. Washington
Benjamin Lynn

J. A. Lynn

Milton Lynn

Luther Lynn

Albert Lynn

At the reorganization of the army in ’62 and election of officers took place resulting as follows:

Captain, P. D. Williams
1st Lieut., Lucien A. Davis
2nd Lieut., Benjamin D. Merchant
3rd Lieut., Goerge Colvin
Orderly Sergeant, P. T. Weedon
2nd Sergenat, J. Taylor Williams
3rd Sergeant, Robert Towles

Soon after the reorganization, in the spring of ’63, Geo. Colvin died and officers under him advanced a step, and other elected, as follows:

2nd Lieut., Robert W. Weedon
3rd Sergeant, Absolam Lynn
4th Sergeant, Vivian Towles
1st Corporal, J. P. Gaines
2nd Corporal, R. H. Haislip
3rd Corporal, Amos Benson
4th Corporal, Andrew Norman

J. Taylor Williams was made Sergeant major of the Regiment by Col. Wickham and served through the Gettysburg Campaign.

William Willis Thornton (the first Captain) was made Major in the Commissary Department of Ewell’s forces and noted in that capacity until the close of the war.

Many members of Co. A were severely wounded.  John W. Fewell lost a leg at Five Forks. Lieut. B. D. Merchant had a long experience of prison live, and was one of those who were sent to Morris Island in Charleston Harbor.  Three died at Point Lookout and several others suffered long terms of prison life:  Charles H. Brawner, at Fort Delaware, and Luther Windsor, twenty months at Elmyra).

List of Dead of Co. A., 4th Virginia Cavlary

Captain P. D. Williams, killed at Raccoon Ford
George Colvin died of disease
J. T. Arundel, killed near Dumfries, by two negro prisoners
S. S. T. Davis, killed near Dumfries, by two negro prisoners
L. Bridwell, died of disease
W. S. Robinson, died of disease
Henry Evans, died of disease
Mathew Inegan, died of disease
D. C. Norman, died of disease
Thomas Cushing, killed near Warrenton
C. L. Cushing, killed at Appomattox
William H. Cockrell, killed at Raccoon Ford
Ellis A. Deats, killed at Aldie
T. P. Elliott, killed at Travillyan Station
A. A. George, died of disease
L. Lynn, died of disease
John H. Lee, killed at Fairfax
J. P. Monroe, died in prison
Thomas W. Marders, killed at White
W. S. Moore, killed at Spotsylvania
Horace Nelson, killed at Jack’s Shop
W. H. Selectman, killed at Jack’s Shop
Thomas S. Shirley, died in prison
William Stone, died in prison
Frank Williams, killed
Vivian Towles, killed at Travillyan Station
James Towles, killed at Spotsylvania C.H.

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