Monday, September 15, 2014

Military Monday: Manassas Battlefield to be Purchased

Manassas Democrat
March 3, 1921

Option on Site has been Obtained and Incorporation Conference Will Be Held in Washington Next Saturday

An option has been obtained by Maj. E. W. R. Ewing, past historian in chief, S.C.V., and Mr. Westwood Hutchinson, commander of Ewell Camp, U.C.V., for the purpose of buying the land on which the first battle of Manassas was mainly fought, and on which the second battle of Manassas closed, known as the Henry farm, with the privilege of purchasing, within two years from January 1, 1921, at the price of $25,000.

The Governor of each state of the South, the United Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy are invited to attend an organization meeting to be held at the Raleigh Hotel, Washington, D.C., on March 5, 1921, at which plans will be arranged under which title will be eventually held, and pursuant to which monuments will be erected, and the splendid battle museum, which comes also with the land at this price, will be conducted.

This site is beautiful for a memorial park, thirty miles from Arlington, 15 miles from historic Fairfax, 18 miles from enchanting Mount Vernon, 20 miles from Warrenton, the capital of Mosby's confederacy, and not much further from Chief Justice Marshall's old home, with Richmond within two hours' ride by automobile, and quaint old Manassas at the doorway.

It is planned that the meeting arrange for Incorporation, giving each Southern state and organization one member of the board.  ~Richmond Times Dispatch

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