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Wedding Wednesday: Marriage Licenses (Jones/Simpson, Atchison/Abel)

The Evening Star (Washington, DC)
December 22, 1904

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses have been issued to the following:

Henry Molyneux Paget Howard, Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, of England, and Marguerite Hyde Leiter of this city

James W. Bernhard and Mabel L. Raymond

John M. Turner and Belle Jones

Jesse H. Leath of Baltimore, Md., and Emma H. Denmead of West Point, Va

Charles E. Kessler and Ella Lambeth

J. J. Jones of Prince William county, Va., and Fannie Simpson of this city

Claude E. Smith and Margaret B. Osborne, both of Baltimore, Md

Joseph H. Coates and Gertrude Rollins

George Martin of this city and Virgie M. Hobson of Martinsville, Va.

Willie F. Abernathy and Mary A. Bourdon, both of Dinwiddie county, Va.

Lewis Galligher and Ada Walker

Harry E. Richmond and Jennie A. Hunt

William Scott and Mary Tolson

Howard L. Long and Lora E. Taylor, both of Caroline county, Va

George Ringgold and Helen E. Thompson

George H. Atchison of Stafford county, Va. and Nessie V. Abel of Prince William county, Va

Reason Ferguson and Lillian Inscoe, both of Fairfax county, Va

John Dowery and Sarah E. Howard

Orville C. Carpenter of Phelps, N.Y. and Rose Coleman of Napels, N.Y.

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