Monday, June 16, 2014

Military Monday: Fort Warren Prisoner Release

Alexandria Gazette
June 15, 1865

On Friday last, orders were received at Fort Warren to release all the prisoners at that place under the rank of Captain, after taking the oath of allegiance.  The following parties were accordingly released, and brought up to Boston, to be furnished with transportation:

John M. Agler, residence, Madison county, Va
George H. Ayre, Loudoun county, Va [also found in PWCo ~cgl]
Thomas R. Baker, do [Loudoun county, Va]
Samuel C. Beach, Fairfax county, Va
Thomas Beach, do [Fairfax county, Va]
Stephen G. R. Bishop, Loudoun county, Va
Richard T. Boarman, Charles county, Md
Wm. H. Bozzell, Loudoun county, Va
Robert H. C. Caldwell, Jefferson county, Va
William S. Coffman, Page county, Va
Henry C. Chamblin, Loudoun county, Va
John L. Cornwell and George Cornwell, Prince William county, Va
Barney Crowley, Fairfax county, Va
Chas. E. Davis, Loudoun county, Va
Philip Key, St. Mary's county, Md
James H. Maddox, Fauquier county, Va [also found in PWCo ~cgl]
John R. Massie, do [Fauquier county, Va]
Henry Richards, Loudoun county, Va
Philip E. Roach, Alexandria county, Va
George W. Smith, Loudoun county, Va
William A. Lee, late of the Confederate States navy
H. Duttons, 34th Virginia
George W. Noland, a citizen of Loudo[u]n county, Va

took the oak and were discharged by Colonel Ingraham, in Washington on Monday.

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