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In Chancery: Publication Notice: Carter v Lynn

Administrators of Thomas Carter v Administrators of Seymour Lynn
Prince William County, Virginia
Library of Virginia Case 1878-001
Order of Publication

Warrenton, Fauquier County, Va

I, L. W. Caldwell, one of the proprietors of the "True Index" a newspaper published in Warrenton, Va., do certify that the Order, of which the annexed is a copy, in the case of Carter's Admx v James Lynn was duly published in said newspaper once a week for four successive weeks, commencing on 21st day of November 1868 and that a copy of the same was posted at the front door of the Court-house of Prince William County, on the first day of ______ County Court, 186___.

Given under my hand this 9th day of January, 1869

L. W. Caldwell
Printer's Bill $10.70


In Prince William Circuit Court, October 14th , 1868.

Rachel Carter, Administratrix of Thomas Carter deceased, plaintiff,


James S. Lynn, Administrator of Seymour Lynn deceased, William E. Goodwin, Sheriff of Prince William county, Committee Administrator de bonis non of Charles E. Norman deceased, Mary F. Norman, Andrew Norman, Fielder Norman, Mildred Norman, Eppa Norman, Charles E. Norman, Lycurgus F. Lynn, and James S. Lynn, Administrators of Marshall D. Lynn deceased, defendants


The Court doth adjudge and decree that James S. Lynn, Administrator of S. Lynn deceased do render before one of the Commissioners of this Court an account of S. Lynn as Administrator of Charles E. Norman deceased, and William E. Goodwin do also render before said Commissioner an account of his actings and doings on the said estate.  And that said Commissioner do also take an account of the outstanding debts of said Charles E. Norman deceased, and of any assets of said estate unadministered by the Administrator aforesaid; also an account of the real estate belonging to said estate with annual and fee simple value thereof, notice to be given for four weeks in some newspaper, shall be equivalent to personal service, and tha the convene the creditors of said estate by like notice and that he report to the Court.

An Abstract - Teste
John Camper, Clerk
Nicol p.q.

COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, November 7th, 1868

To the creditors of Charles E. Norman deceased, and all other concerned:

Take notice that I shall on the 20th day of December 1868 at my office, in the town of Brentsville, proceed to execute the requirements of the decree from which the above is an abstract, when and where you are required to attend.  Given under my hand on the day first aforesaid, as Commissioner of said Court.

B. A. Sinclair

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