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Prince William County Items: June 19, 1875

Alexandria Gazette
June 19, 1875

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY ITEMS. -- A dog case was tried on Monday last, and decided in favor of the defendant.  Justice Whiting decided that if a person puts poison in his own poultry yard at night, for the purpose of killing the vermin that had been in the habit of killing his poultry, and a neighbor's dog happened to be the victim, he was not responsible for the loss, or value of the dog.  He therefore gave judgment against the plaintiff for costs.

At the next term of the County Court an overseer for each road presinct [sic] will be appointed, and we understand that Judge Nicol has intimated that he intends seeing that each overseer does his duty, and those failing to do so will have to give way to some one who will.

The colored boy, Edward Stewart Trott, pronounced insane by a jury of the County Court, at the June term, was conveyed to the Central (colored) Insane Asylum at Richmond, on Monday last, by Mr. A. F. Woodyard, the jailor, accompanied by Mr. Matt. Woodyard.

The repairs to the county jail, just completed by Mr. A. F. Woodyard, renders the building more suitable for its purposes than it has been since its erection.  Each cell is now furnished with a flue.

Mr. Peter T. Weedon, who lost five sheep by the ravages of dogs a few weeks ago, had more killed and several others badly damaged on Sunday night last.

Mr. T. M. Houchens, formerly of Alexandria, has established himself in the business of harness making in Manassas.

~ Manassas Gazette

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