Thursday, April 10, 2014

Newspaper Tidbit: PWCO Items (June 16, 1875)

Alexandria Gazette
June 12, 1875

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY ITEMS. -- The June term of the County Court held its session this week.  Judge Nicol presiding.  Most of the term was occupied in bonding and qualifying the lately elected county and district officers.  The collectors returned their delinquent lists for the year 1875, which were examined by the court, corrected and certified to the auditor of public accounts.  Several deeds were admitted to record, and quite a number of orders were entered for the refunding of taxes for erroneous assessments.  The colored man who has been in jail for some time charged with an attempt to burn M. W. H. Dogan's barn was adjudged a lunatic and ordered to be sent to an insane asylum.

Bartlett Scott, an industrious colored man, who does most of the well dig[g]ing in this vicinity, in attempting to descend into a well by a rope on Wednesday at Mrs. Hooe's, missed his hold and fell to the bottom, a distance of thirty-five feet.  Three feet of water in the well broke the force of the fall, but gave him a most sudden and unexpected plunge bath.

The country is overrun with drummers of every conceivable grade, and we have no doubt that a large number of them are unlicensed.

~ Manassas Gazette

[Anyone else trying to visualize a "country overrun with drummers?"  ~cgl]

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