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Shopping Saturday: Robbery of Davis & Lynn

Richmond Whig
January 25, 1870

Friday night, the 14th inst., the store of Messrs. Davis & Lynn, in Prince William county, was entered by thieves and robbed of about five hundred dollars' worth of goods, consisting of dry goods, boots and shoes, notions, groceries, cigars, &c., and about $75 in bank notes and coin.  They effected an entrance by undermining the foundation of the building.  Geo. Henderson (white) and William Nelson (black) have been arrested and have confessed that they were the rogues.  Henderson had just married a respectable young woman.

Alexandria Gazette
February 11, 1870

The two men, Henderson and Nelson who are confined on charge of having entered and robbed the store of Davis & Lynn in this county, made a desperate attempt a few nights ago to break jail by prizing the bars out of the jail window, working through the side which was decayed, and pulling out the bricks with their hands.  The noise was heard, however, by W. N. Tansill the jailor, and the progress of it arrested.

Mr. Tansill then ironed them, and Henderson with his naked hands snapped one of the chains entirely in two pieces.

They have since been ironed more securely.  Henderson was married on Tuesday -- made arrangements on that day to rob the store -- robbed it on Friday night, and was arrested in a day or two afterwards in the presence of his wife, and a large portion of the goods were found opened on the bed near him.  His wife who is of respectable parentage and possesses some beauty is, greatly horrified at the conduct of her husband, I learn.

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