Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday's Child: William Ashmore Berryman

Unfortunately, some things never change...

Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, VA)
April 29, 1854

WM. ASHMORE BERRYMAN, aged 17 years, son of Alexander Berryman, of Prince William County, Va., was accidentally shot by one of his school mates, in Matagorda, Texas, on the 19th of March last.  By the earnest solicitation of his nearest relation, Wm. F. Alexander, his father consented to his going with him to that State, where he resides, for the purpose of sending him to school; and while the aged parent was waiting with great anxiety for the period to arrive when the child of his hold age would return  home, the melancholy intelligence reached him that his promising son was no more.

It has been said of this youth, in Texas, that he was a general favorite with all who knew him, and particularly of the young man who was so unfortunate as to be the cause of his death.  He was, also, beloved by all who knew him here.  He left here for Texas some time in September last.

Prince William County, April 22.

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