Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday's Obituary: Matthew Whiting

Alexandria Gazette
December 1, 1810

DIED, on the 19th ult. at his seat, Snow Hill, after a short illness, Matthew Whiting, Esq., of Prince William county, who wanted but two days of 80 years of age.  In reviewing the life of this worthy man, we shall see as much to admire, and as little to condemn, as falls to the lot of man.  In all the social relations, his conduct thro' life was such as to conciliate esteem, and to defy the scrutinizing eye of censure; just to his word -- constant, generous, and sincere in his friendships -- his house in perfect hospitality, he was universally beloved; and his death, by which his affectionate lady and numerous connexions have sustained an inseparable loss, has bereaved the neighborhood of its firmest pillar, and proudest boast.

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